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The insurance solution for international students in Switzerland

2012 - 2013

The comprehensive insurance solution for your studies in Switzerland... and during your internships and your trips abroad !

In partnership with Allianz Worldwide Care, Antaé has developed a comprehensive insurance solution for international students coming to Switzerland. This insurance package is perfectly suited to the local system and to international students' specific needs and budget. With two different healthcare plans, ScoreStudies Premium and ScoreStudies Essential, you can choose the student insurance that best suits your needs !

Who is eligible ?

You are an international student living in Switzerland (B and L Permits): Bachelor and Master students, Exchange student, Intern, PhD, Post-Doc, Research student, Au pair, Student's spouse and children

Your advantages with Scorestudies : )

Healthcare plan without medical questionnaire and fully compliant with the Swiss health authorities

Healthcare plan underwritten by the leading international private medical insurer, Allianz Worldwide Care

ScoreStudies :) is recommended by the main universities and private schools in Switzerland

You consult a doctor, a specialist or hospital of your choice in Switzerland or abroad (USA: only emergency treatment is covered)

Enjoy innovative and exclusive benefits when you travel!

Limited out-of-pocket expenses : Direct payment service of prescribed drugs in Switzerland and direct settlement of hospital bills worldwide where possible

Fully completed claim forms processed within 7 days

Enjoy your personal online Account and a 24/7 multilingual customer service

MMA range of private civil liability and home insurances specifically designed with Generali for international students in Switzerland

Contribute to the educational success of young students in developing nations. For any new subscription to ScoreStudies, we donate 3 CHF to the NGO Givewatts to provide clean and renewal energy to schools in Kenya.

An insurance solution which suits your specific needs

ScoreStudies :) offers 2 different plans :

ScoreStudies :)


ScoreStudies :)


A comprehensive insurance plan

A quality insurance plan

ScoreStudies :) is underwritten by Allianz Worldwide Care


A Worldwide coverage for medical benefits

ScoreStudies is the unique international Student insurance plan in Switzerland to cover illness, and accident costs worldwide. ScoreStudies covers your medical costs in Switzerland and in other countries, wherever your internships, your academic exchanges, your weekends or your holidays back home take you. In the USA, only emergency treatments are covered. In summary, as long as it is covered by your plan, you can receive your treatment anywhere except in the USA J.

"I twisted my knee during a hike in the Valais Mountains last Spring. The doctor at CHUV prescribed a surgery within 3 months to fix my knee. I did not feel like being hospitalized in Switzerland. I had planned to go back home in Mexico for the summer vacation. I was able to consult a specialist there and had my surgery done in Guadalajara, 5km away from home. Cost of 3 days of hospitalization : 1800 $ - Allianz Worldwide Care settled my bill directly with the hospital and I had nothing to pay.Diego, student in Lausanne"

"I flew to Barcelona for a weekend gateaway with friends. there, I had to consult a specialist for an ENT disorder. I also had to purchase some medicine. Costs of the visit and prescribed drugs: 118$. From my hotel room, I scanned and emailed my claim to ScoreStudies. I received the refund on my bank account 5 days later.James, student in Fribourg"